Pandora One Is Raising Its Price, Ditching Annual Option

Pandora One Is Raising Its Price, Ditching Annual Option

Streaming music service Pandora announced today it will raise the monthly price for the ad-free Pandora One service from $3.99 to $4.99 a month for new subscribers, and that it will eliminate the annual subscription option entirely.

Pandora announced the changes in a blog post this morning:

In order to continue to provide an ad-free listening option, we are implementing some changes to the way we price Pandora One, including a modest price increase for new Pandora One subscriptions:

  • Existing Pandora One monthly subscribers that remain active will not experience a price increase at this time and will continue to pay $US3.99 per month.
  • For new subscribers, the subscription price will change to $US4.99 per month starting in May.
  • Existing annual subscribers that remain active will migrate to a discounted loyalty price of $US3.99 per month at their next renewal period.
  • We are ending the annual subscription option.

Beginning this week, annual subscribers approaching their renewal date will be notified as the update is applied to their subscription. Monthly pricing for new subscribers will take effect in May, allowing time for new subscribers to take advantage of discounted loyalty pricing if they subscribe before then.

If you’ve been holding off on Pandora One, now might be a good time to subscribe and lock in the lower monthly rate. Anyone paying annually for Pandora One will still experience a price hike though (up from $US36 to $US48 a year).

Pandora says the changes will impact only a small number of its listeners, and blames higher royalty rates and payments to record labels and industry agencies for the price increase. Hit the link below to read the full blog post.

Pandora One Subscription Changes [Pandora Blog]


  • I actually don’t mind paying a bit more – but would just like the convenience of having the one transaction a year.

  • Increasing price but not the service?

    How about getting rid of stupid skip limits? Or adding repeat/loop functions?

    Pandora is good, but still needs a lot of improvement.

    • The point of Pandora is an Interactive Radio station. So they can provide the music cheaply/free based on the rules of radio broadcast (in America) So you don’t get a choice in what you listen to exactly or listen to songs again.

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