Find Your Jeans Quicker With Hanging Labels

Find Your Jeans Quicker with Hanging Labels

If you own a lot of jeans (or really any type of clothing), they can be hard to sort through and find just what you're looking for because they're so similar. Create quick hanging labels and you'll never waste time looking for that perfect pair again.

Jeans can be hard to tell apart. The folks at Love Bug Living point out this super simple solution. Label your jeans with index cards hung from the hangers with rubber bands or twine. If you don't hang your jeans, just slip the cards in the pockets after folding.

Organise those Jeans (and maybe those purses too)! [Love Bug Living via One Good Thing by Jillee]



    Wow, I wonder if that can be applied to other areas in my life?

    ....saving the 5 seconds it takes to pull them out and look at them?

    I have 3 pairs of jeans and they are different colours. I think that's a fair number.

    If this issue is really a problem for you, maybe the real problem is your slavery to fashion and materialism.

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