A Few Handy Tips For Python Aficionados

A Few Handy Tips For Python Aficionados

Even the most die-hard of coders learn a new trick or shortcut about their language (or API) of choice through day-to-day use, but sometimes it’s nice to find a list of handy tips compiled for your reading pleasure. Python users, here’s one for you.

This article with 34 such tidbits (expanded from 30), put together by Math u Code’s Sahand Saba, deals mostly with dictionaries, arrays and of course, lists, as well as providing new ways of indexing elements and flattening collections.

If you work a lot with these kinds of data structures (which includes pretty much everyone), you could do worse than give it a read.

30 Python Language Features and Tricks You May Not Know About [Math u Code, via @davidkidd]

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