PUMA Mobium Elite: Running Smarter, Not Harder

Modelled after the animal kingdom’s fiercest predator to give you maximum efficiency with your run, the Mobium Elite has opened up a whole new movement with adaptive running.

As you run, your foot expands in three directions: longitudinally, laterally and vertically. PUMA’s new Adaptive Running technology takes the body in motion into account to encourage a more natural and efficient mid-foot strike, while taking these principles of movement into account. It does this by leveraging on three main features: Expansion Pods, Mobium Band and Windlass Chassis.

The shoe is inspired by the cat, the planet’s most efficient running machine. Designers looked at what makes cats so efficient and fast, and how the human foot moves in similar ways. The adaptive Mobium features are designed to work with the natural rhythm of your foot to improve movement.

Mobium Elite’s cushioning, protection and flexibility encourages a more efficient stride and offers runners a smoother transition. The Mobium Elite has been subjected to rigorous and intensive testing for two years to ensure that it is a dynamic product for runners of all levels.

The Mobium Elite is aimed at neutral runners who enjoy a cushioned shoe and train longer distances and are mid-foot strikers. Mid-foot striking is widely known to be a more efficient way of running, versus a hard heel strike. Mobium Elite provides the runner cushioning and protection not always found in minimal and ‘barefoot’ products, making it the perfect balance for runners.

Puma Mobium Elite now available exclusively from
The Athlete’s Foot
for $149.95

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