Get 50% Off Revo Uninstaller Pro For Windows

Windows' built-in uninstaller is far from perfect. Revo, our favourite app uninstaller, has an awesome pro version that is on sale for $20 right now, down from $40.

Revo Uninstaller has a lot of great features, and the free version is something everyone should have. It's better at finding leftover files and registry entries than Windows' built-in uninstaller, and it includes things like a "Hunter Mode" that let you click on any running application to uninstall it.

The pro version is even better though: Not only does it have more advanced scanning techniques, but you can monitor system changes, back up your registry before you delete old keys and uninstall multiple programs at once.

It's usually $40, but it's currently 50 per cent off. It could be worth your while, especially if you like to try out new software a lot and therefore constantly uninstalling old apps.

Revo Uninstaller Pro - 50% Off


    What do you believe this does that Windows cannot already do?
    Edit: Except forced uninstall.. which.. Seems like a bad plan..

    Last edited 15/06/13 3:09 pm

      Well for me personally I find it gets rid of a hell of a lot of crap that doesn't get removed with the basic windows uninstall. Plus the traced install is a sure way to not leave anything behind for those progies that you just want to test out. I bought the pro version ages ago so maybe I'm biased and The non pro version is as good as you probably need but I don't mind the extras you get with the pro version. horses for courses I guess... :)
      Why do you think forced uninstall is a bad plan btw..? Not that I use it... :)

      Last edited 15/06/13 6:30 pm

    But... (by default) windows snapshots the registry when doing un/installs, and the uninstall deletes any reg entries anyways...

    If an application leaves stuff in there, its your fault for installing dodgy software/letting it run as an admin principal to write to it, really.

    Letting some random program do its own access to remove programs + their registry entries at any time.. I'd rather go back to hitting F3 in regedit myself, really.

      Errr... Ok good point, however I have my system run as Admin by default simply because it's easier to get things done without being nagged to sign in as admin. Sure it may be lazy but I'm the only one using it and doing it this way is just more convenient. Using Revo is an easier way to do things.

        Fair enough on that. I manage a large number of machines at work, and whilst hiding the prompt is easy, some are test machines so we at least need to know when prompted.

        Got used to all that hassle.

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