CyanogenMod 10 Brings Jelly Bean

Android (rooted): CyanogenMod, our favorite Android ROM, just released a new version that brings all of Jelly Bean's great features to Android devices everywhere, plus a few other fun additions.

We all know what's new in Jelly Bean, and you'll get that with CyanogenMod 10 — plus a more customisable launcher, some extra tweaks on the lock screen, themes, and a few extra apps.

Stable releases started showing up yesterday for a small number of devices, but we're seeing more and more added to the list, including the Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One S, Galaxy Nexus, HTC Evo 4G LTE, Nexus 7, and many more. Click here to see if your device is suppored. If it isn't, click "All" in the left sidebar of that page — you might find an experimental build you can try for your phone.

CyanogenMod 10.0 Release [CyanogenMod Blog]


    It's important to note that this "stable" release is just another nightly build with a "stable" tag.
    If your device isn't on the "stable" list yet, the nightlies are invariably stable and safe to flash.

    Yea im using ReVolt at the moment and loving it - basically part Cynogen part AOKP and all swagger.

    And yet Optus can't put Jellybean on the S3 yet.

    I've been running this for at least a month now on my S2. Very impressed with it.

    I installed CM10 on my GNex when the first M release was made a couple of months ago.

    I used to run CM on my HTC Legend but stuck with the stock ROM for quite a while after I got my Nexus.

    I think the dev teams are having a tough challenge keeping up with Google's release cycle. We are just getting a stable 4.1 release the day after 4.2 has been committed to the AOSP repo.

      This is very true. For CM7, we had time to tweak and improve the ROM while Google played around with the closed source Honeycomb. It took right up until 4.1 hit to get many of the devices stable on CM9 (and many were released as stable but still had major bugs) because of the huge framework changes in ICS and a redesign of how CM was going to be structured. I think the dev teams are catching up now and CM10 nightlies are just fantastic. Even if your device is not stable yet, give the latest nightly a run. I would check the XDA forum threads for notes and comments from the maintainers first just in case. :)

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