Store Extra Sheet Sets Under Your Mattress

Household weblog Apartment Therapy suggests that you store extra bed linens between your mattress and bed base. This keeps them out of the way, pressed as though they were ironed, and easy to get to when you strip the bed to change the sheets.

Photo by Andrea

It's a great storage option if your home doesn't have a dedicated linen closet. Do you have any clever ways to store your linen? Share you tips in the comments.

15 Crazy Ideas to Make Your Life Saner [Apartment Therapy]


    Really? So every time you make the bed you have to perform the following steps.

    Take off sheets.
    Remove top mattress
    Remove sheets from bed base
    Lay new sheets on the bed base
    Place top mattress down on bed base
    Replace sheets on mattress.

    Seems like a bit of effort having to lift up a mattress completely every time you want to change sheets.

      Not really. It is a viable solution if you don't have a linen closet. You can also fold the sheet in quarters do you don't need to lift the entire mattress. Can be quite handy for kids bed.

      The full article does say " I fold up everything and stick it underneath the mattress".... so in my head all that's needed is to (as George said) lift up a corner of the mattress to get to the folded sheets.

      I quite like the idea. My linen closest is absolutely bursting, so it's something I might try.

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