One-Handed Technique To Strip And Tin Wires

Whether you spend hours on end at workbench fiddling with wires and a soldering iron or you're just getting started with DIY projects and want to make sure you're doing it right, this technique for easily stripping and tinning wires with solder is worth learning. Once you have it down, it only takes a couple of seconds to get your wires ready to connect to a board, crimp, or connect to another device.

The video above shows you in pretty solid detail what you have to do. Instructables user Jayefuu does it with one hand and without a pair of wire strippers and specifically touts the fact that he doesn't need them with this technique.

If you prefer to use them, there's nothing stopping you from switching tools in the middle of this. Either way, it's a fast and easy way to strip and tin wires that doesn't require a bunch of other tools. If you're worried your hands are a little shaky though, we'd suggest picking up something like this third hand from ThinkGeek to help hold everything in place while you work.

Is this your preferred stripping and tinning method, or do you do things differently? Share your workbench tips in the comments.

Strip and Tin Wires Like a Pro [Instructables]


    Usually my soldering iron isn't hot enough to get the effects of the flux, and just balls up the solder and it falls off without even having coated the wire hehe. Well that's my assumption, any helpers?

    basic soldering technique is NEVER cut after you'd tinned anything, it exposes the copper to the atmosphere for corrosion and can cause fractures in the solder join leading to very weak connections. anybody who has done any high reliability soldering would know that this wouldn't pass any QA system.

    yes, it's only tinning a wire for later soldering to a component or board, but it is considered bad practice, a bad habit and unprofessional to those in the industry.

      Theoretically couldn't he just re-solder the end to complete the nice clean cut?

    its been done beforeit seems

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