From The Tips Box: Untrusted Connections, FM Transmitters, Android Apps

Readers offer their best tips for viewing sites with untrusted connections, using FM transmitters in your car, and getting all your apps back after wiping your phone.

Every day we receive boatloads of great reader tips. From the Tips Box is where we round up some of our favourites. Got a tip of your own to share? Add it in the comments or send it using the contact tab on the right.

Use PDFmyURL to View Untrusted Web Pages

KBS shares a quick security tip for conscientious browsers:

Sometimes when you are researching, you may come across a new website that has been blocked by your browser with “This connection is untrusted” warning and to continue at your own risk. If you just want the information in that particular page, you could turn that page into a pdf using, without ever visiting the web site. Obviously, PDFmyURL has more security than normal users to continue at their own risk.

Place Your FM Transmitter Near Your Car’s Internior Antennas for Better Sound

Photo by Markus Rödder.

Prince shares a way to make FM transmitters suck a little bit less:

New tip for those who listen to music via FM transmitters in their car. They always suck, right? Well I found out how to make it suck less. Shove as much of the headphone wire as you can into the CD deck. this brings your transmitter as close as possible to your FM receiver and should give you a very strong signal.

KBS expands with even better advice:

Finding out where your antenna is in your car and keeping the FM transmitter as close as possible to it will give you better result. To find where the antenna is, simply move the FM transmitter around the car for better signal if its not fixed into the cigarette charger that is. I have two antennas hidden inside the sides of the front windshield window. But, the fixed FM transmitter transmits good enough signal to the antenna whereas the FM transmitter on my phone is weak unless I place it really close to the left/right window.

This may seem obvious, but I had never really tried it when I was using an FM transmitter. I don’t have one anymore, so I haven’t tested it myself, but sounds like it could make them a little less frustrating.

See Every App You’ve Ever Installed with the Market Web Interface

Simon Dietsch finds a less automated, but helpful way to see all your apps after wiping your phone:

While in the Android Market in your desktop web browser, click the gear to access “My Market Account” which lists all of “My Apps” ever downloaded and not just the paid ones you haven’t installed as you see when you access your account via your Android device. I find this easier than using Titanium Backup or AppBrain to view my available free and paid apps when I install a new ROM and can see other apps I once installed that may again be relevant.

Heck, this might be useful to browse even when you haven’t wiped your phone. You might find an old app you liked but forgot about.

See Zip Code Boundaries in Google Maps

Wkm001 discovers a handy Google Maps feature:

Has anyone noticed what happens when you type a zip code into Google Maps? On the desktop of course. It now shows the physical boundaries for that zip code. Kind of neat.

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