HUDTube Lets You Watch Web Videos Like Downloaded Movies

HUDTube is not your standard web video downloader as it focuses on eliminating the wait time and just making it more pleasant to watch the videos you want on your desktop or laptop. All you do is drag the video URL from your browser to HUDTube’s dock icon and it’ll instantly open it up in a minimalistic video player for immediate viewing.

Check out the video above for a full demonstration.

Aside from being able to play web videos like they’re desktop videos without a hassle, one of the biggest benefits of using HUDTube instead of a Flash-based player is the reduction in CPU usage. HUDTube only used about 8-10 per cent of my processor, whereas Vimeo/Flash fluctuated around 80-90 per cent. If you want to watch online video without draining your laptop’s battery or blasting its fans, HUDTube is a big help.

Additionally, it has a few other fun features like a video history, playlist support, and quick sharing on Twitter and Facebook (shown in more detail in the video above). You can also re-open the video in your browser if you want to get back to the original page. The only major downside is that it doesn’t let you save copies of any of the videos you download for offline viewing, but hopefully we’ll see that in the future. For now you can always re-download through your playlists or video history.

HUDTube (free) [Mac App Store]

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