uTorrent Lets You Drag-And-Drop Videos To Mobiles And Consoles

The latest alpha version of uTorrent for Windows (sorry Mac users) has a great new feature: you can drag and drop media downloads onto your Android, iPhone, Xbox 360 or PS3. Currently it won't convert the files to a playable format, but that's expected alongside the upcoming premium release of uTorrent Pro.

The final release won't be available for a few months, and you'll have to pay for it, but for the time being you can see what's on the horizon by downloading the alpha for free.

uTorrent 3.1 beta (Direct Download!) [via TorrentFreak]


    I know a lot of people love uTorrent, but Vuze has had this feature for years. And you don't have to pay for it, and it is Mac compatible. Even though Vuze is a little bloated, with enough RAM it won't slow down your system too much.

    Not to mention, beefier security and encryption. Not that you need it or anything...

    Paid uTorrent?!

    How long will it take before someone torrents a cracked version?

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