How To Hide Facebook's New In-Feed Ads

Facebook has begun rolling out a new look, complete with large banner ads on both the sides of the page and inside your news feed. Luckily, they're very easily hidden with Adblock Plus.

As usual, this change is a very gradual rollout, so most of you probably haven't even seen the ads yet. Only a few people are privy to the new layout, and we'll warn you: it isn't pretty. The above image shows what the feed will probably look like, provided Facebook doesn't make any changes before the end of the rollout. They seem to range from the large, but normal (Dominos Pizza) to the truly obnoxious (Punch Bin Laden!), so for most this will not be a welcome change.

If you have Adblock Plus for Chrome or Firefox, however, you'll be able to block the ads with the default lists. They won't disappear completely; you'll instead see a few empty gaps in your news feed. It isn't perfect, but at least we can keep Facebook from looking like MySpace for a little bit longer.


    I've been blocking ads on facebook for a while now. Its safe to say that while I feel the need to support some sites (ie or, I dont need to support facebook.

    Facebook has ads? Seriously? I've never seen them!
    I've been a big fan of Adblock Plus for many years.

    This is the first I've heard about it. Sounds like a horrible idea. Hopefully once it gets to me the Better Facebook extension will be able to get rid of them.

    Not actually ads:
    You guys need to update this post.

    Facebook has ads! I didn't know...

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