Minimal Wall Is A Collection Of Simple, Motivational Wallpapers

Minimal Wall Is A Collection Of Simple, Motivational Wallpapers

We love previously covered Simple Desktops for attractive, distraction-free wallpaper, but if you want to go both minimal and motivational, or just find some other great options for your desktop, you’ll want to check out Minimal Wall.

Minimal Wall often focuses on a single colour desktop with a brief word or two to offer up some motivation. Sometimes it’s just a few simple colours, like you can see in the picture above (and download here). Minimal Wall is really more of a process than a wallpaper site, however, as they offer up steps to simplify your desktop and other helpful information. This way your new wallpaper isn’t just about decoration but about actually making your desktop a cleaner and more productive space.

Minimal Wall


  • I only looked at five pages, about 60% of the wallpapers I saw were single colours. You don’t need an image to achive that. The others I saw were single words, it would be faster to open paint than navigate their site. Five wall papers per page and 66 pages, I have a minimal amount of time to look at such sites.

  • I feel like I got ripped off.

    60% single colour walls, 30% clichés, 9.95% walls I *might* use if I subscribed to an alternative lifestyle and/or did yoga, and .05% you might actually download if you could actually bother spending the time to actually find them.

    I want my time back, damnit!

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