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You might be worried about your boss reading your email (it happens). You can't necessarily stop this practice, but you can at least prevent Big Brother from accessing the links that you include in your email by using HideLinks. HideLinks is a free service that operates much like TinyURL in that it shortens long internet addresses; however, it goes one step farther and lets you password-protect links as well. Of course, you'll have to figure out a way to get the password to your email friend—obviously, including it in the body of your encrypted super email sort of defeats the whole purpose. HideLinks


newVideoPlayer("danceTeaser_gawker.flv", 475, 376);On September 26th at the Berwaldhallen concert hall in Stockholm Sweden, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra will play an interepretation of Martin O┬┤Donnells and Michael Salvatoris's Halo music, the rock band The Backyard Babies will play Halo-inspired music, a Swedish film director's Halo machinima film will be shown, and dancers from the Royal Swedish Ballet will perform a Halo interpretive dance, with Master Chief dancing along. As you can see in the video, a lot of work has gone into making sure old MC can keep up with the ballet company, and put in context the video isn't nearly as disturbing as if I had just dropped it in your laps and said, "Here, he dances". In retrospect, I probably should have done just that. Oh well, hindsight and all that. For more details on the Halo Concert event, visit HaloConcert.com.


MEGATONik managed to snap up this leaked songlist for Guitar Hero 3 before it was deleted from the forums over at ScoreHero.

I'm still hanging out for Rock Band, because Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult is one of my all-time favourites. Ever since I heard it during the end credits for Peter Jackson's The Frighteners, I've been in love.

But enough of that. GH3 is due out in October, so it won't be too much longer until we can play these tunes.

Full list after the jump!

Rumor: Guitar Hero 3 setlist leaked


Multi-platform browser Opera has released v9.50 Alpha which extends its support for BitTorrent by adding a uTorrent compatible Peer Exchange feature. This will hopefully speed up transfers and reduce tracker load
I'll emphasise again that it's an ALPHA release - and I'm not an alpha girl at all - in fact I'm even a reluctant Beta user - so I'm not going there. Play wisely, and make sure you're backed up. :)
The Windows version is downloadable here.
The Linux versions are here.


If you prefer managing your calendar on the desktop with iCal but you really wish you could take advantage of SMS reminders like Google Calendar offers, reader Colby Pash suggests a simple, smart tip for creating SMS reminders with iCal:
As you know, text message inboxes have email addresses—for instance, [email protected] (for Verizon users). If you add your phone's email address as an emailing option in your Address Book vCard, you can choose it as an option to email a reminder. Set the date, time and reminder and, Bam—you have a cell phone reminder.While this idea isn't a breakthrough (we've covered sending SMS messages from email before), it is a smart and clever application of email-to-text capabilities. Just make sure your computer's on when you need it. Thanks Colby!


Windows only - Our friends at Gizmodo AU have written up the release of Webguide - a free upgrade which lets Media Center users stream video and other content across the net.

"Webguide was bought by Microsoft and made a free upgrade to all Media Center users. It basically streams all video, music, photos and TV across the net. It even re-encodes HD streams to lesser pixel counts."

As Shay says, free is free! I have to confess that I haven't played around much with the Media Center in Vista. If you use it, let us know what it's like in comments.

Webguide for Media Center streams all your content to any browser