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What’s Your Best “Advanced Common Sense”?

Getting Things Done author David Allen calls any kind of productivity trick or system “advanced common sense”—using the smart part of your brain to help out the dumb part in its most feeble moments. The Getting Things Done weblog lists some of its best “advanced common sense,” like writing things…

How Do You Get Motivated?

How Do You Get Motivated?

Productivity blog lists thirteen ways to get motivated, including finding your itch, reading books for new ideas, partnering up with a peer and developing a mantra. What gets you motivated when you’re stuck in a slump? Let us know in the comments. Thirteen Tricks to Motivate Yourself [Lifehack]

New features for Twitter, Netvibes

TechCrunch tells us that Twitter has added search and GMail import to its service, and launched a toolbox called “Explore” where they’ll list tools people can use to interact with Twitter offsite. They’re also releasing a visualisation tool called Twitter Blocks. New Twitter Visualization Tools Coming: First Is Twitter Blocks…