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'Tis the season for nippy weather and high heating bills. If you're sick of seeing your cash fly out the window into the cold, Real Simple magazine offers some tips for lowering your bill in the lower temperatures, like turning on the ceiling fan to blow down hot air, turning down the temperature on the water heater, and closing off unused rooms. How do you save a few bucks on the heating bill? Tell us your tricks in the comments.
Save on Home Heating This Winter


If you've got an old pair of skis gathering dust in the garage, turn them into a killer sled with an easy mod. The Out Your Backdoor blog explains:What you do is take a plastic tub sled ($10 hardware store) and screw a pair of XC skis to the bottom of it—if it's a sled for kids—or a pair of metal-edge downhill skis if adults might use it. Use stout, short screws and big washers to avoid pull-thru. Then you glue foam-padding to the inside of the tub. Apparently the resulting sled goes superfast, straight and far, but good luck turning with it. Looks like a fun project with the kids when hitting the slopes isn't possible. Project: Homemade World's Best Sled!


Many of you might have already experienced your first snowfall of the season, and it's far from over. How do you prepare your automobile for winter? Weblog Dumb Little Man suggests ten tips, from ensuring that your windshield wipers give you maximum visibility on the road to inspecting your antifreeze to adding a protective layer of wax to your car to prevent rain, snow, or salt from wearing down your car's paint. What else do you do for your car before the season gets really chilly and the snow begins to fall heavily? Let's hear your tips in the comments.
10 Tips to Prep Your Car for Winter Driving


Avoid any unpleasant surprises come this winter's first freeze with Bob Vila's bi-annual home maintenance checklist, which outlines several ways to winterize your house. It includes such exciting items as sealing air conditioners, replacing screen doors, cleaning the gutters and caulking holes in the siding. What fall chores have gotten your digs ready for the first cold snap? Let us know in the comments. Home Maintenance Checklist