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Social news site Reddit has announced a new feature which will let users create their own individual 'Reddits'. According to the Reddit blog they're going to keep this feature - which lets you create public, restricted or private Reddits  - in private beta for a week or so before making it public. If you're a Reddit user keen to get in on the beta, email [email protected] with the subject, "omg me please".They've also added language translation support for English and German.New Features


One for the bloggers out there  - the Digital Inspiration blog offers a simple but helpful tip for tracking whether posts from your blog have been submitted to Digg. It basically explains how to search for your URL on Digg and then subscribe to the RSS feed of that search.

This tip came via Problogger, and if you check out the comment thread you'll see readers there have submitted a few of their own favourite ways of tracking posts on Digg.

Know When People Submit Your Stories to Digg; Get Dugg More 


While doing some research on social news sites in Australia, I came across a post at Blogpond, which which was a really good roundup of social news aggregation in Australia. We wrote up one of them - Kwoff - earlier this week, but it also goes over a few I hadn't even heard of:

At a glance, redruby (financial), bloggerati (web 2.0) and too right (politics) are each targeting a specific niche. Kwoff maintain their focus will be on politics, business and culture. Confer and Ausculture.com seem more geared to lifestyle, recreation and entertainment.

Social News Aggregation in Australia 


Fans of Crikey and its founder Stephen Mayne will be interested to know that he's one of the founders of new website Kwoff, along with Dan Walsh and Greg Barns.
I had a chat with Dan today and he said their plan is to do for Australian news what Digg does for tech news - with a view to being a central aggregator for political, business and current affairs news.
He's been on the road talking to both mainstream publishers and more niche players like Lifehacker and New Matilda with a view to drawing a wide range of online news fans to Kwoff.
Like other aggregators, you can browse the site freely, or register to be able to submit or vote on stories.
Their guide to Qwoffing is here or there's a cute animated walkthrough here.
It was nice to see a Lifehacker story on their "Top Today' list, but admittedly the number of tech stories which have been "qwoffed" so far is low.
It's early days for Kwoff and aggregators are only as good as the people submitting and voting on stories, so consider yourself encouraged to check it out, and let's submit some tech stories. :)
Hit the jump to see a nice visual snapshot of the kinds of stories which Kwoff readers have been interested in so far (gotta love tag clouds!)