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During a media briefing at Seagate's 40th birthday commemoration, the company's head of operations for products and strategy, Jeffrey Nygaard, discussed the changing nature of Seagate's workforce and how long-term staff need to be retrained as the skills needed to build the next generation of storage devices evolves. That's something every business embracing automation needs to consider.


Red and Blue teaming is a commonly used technique for honing the skills of information security teams. But setting them up and ensuring you have access to enough appropriately skilled participants can be a challenge for many businesses. Cisco has worked to allay some of those challenges through the establishment of Cyber Range - an environment that simulates over 50 real world threat scenarios. And, last year, they let teams of high school students loose in Cyber Range during a Cyber Games competition held at La Trobe University.


Some things in life -- such as fixing your own car or DIY home improvements -- might appear dangerous or risky, especially if you've never done them before or you tend to err on the side of caution. They also might be more doable than they look. Here are ten daunting things you probably likely can handle on your own.


Did your parents ever encourage you to play less video games while growing up? Ours too. Doubtlessly, they thought it was a waste of time that could be better spent playing and learning outdoors. After all, what can jumping on Goombas and firing hadoukens possibly teach you about the real world?

As it turns out, quite a lot. Here are the real-life skills and lessons we've picked up during a lifetime of gaming: from telling left from right to understanding the importance of imagination.


Skillsoft has launched CodeX, a new virtual coding practice lab that provides coding exercises with embedded video content. It offers hardware labs for products from Cisco, Microsoft, VMware and CompTIA with tools such as Android Studio 2.3.3, Eclipse, Eclipse Neon, IDLE 3.4, IPython (Anaconda 4.4) and Microsoft Visual Studio.


Pretty much every week I receive a research report, often sponsored by a large IT vendor, telling me about the IT skills shortage. Most of them are focussed on infosec but today's instalment of the "Great IT Skills Shortage" came from AWS.

At the AWS Summit being held in Auckland, analysis from job site Indeed shows job listings for AWS-related roles has increased by 153% over the last three years. It's time for IT employers to do something about it. There's no IT skills shortage. But I think there's a massive shortfall in career investment by incumbent and prospective employers.


We've all heard about the skills shortage facing the tech industry. So, it's not surprising that people who have lost jobs in "legacy" industries are seeking to retrain and transition into what IBM calls "


Not a day passes when someone I interview or a new piece of research appears bemoaning the IT skills shortage. New research, released today by SolarWinds, suggests the shift to hybrid IT infrastructure is exacerbating the gap as companies struggle to find people who can blend on-prem and cloud solutions.


Pop psychologist Malcolm Gladwell is best known for the principle that it takes 10,000 hours of "deliberate practice" to master a skill.

But 10,000 hours is kind of a long time, and I'm not really great with committing to things.

Instead, over the next year, I want to see what happens if I try and level up some new skills in in 1/3600th of that time: 10,000 seconds. About 2 hours and 47 minutes.

And to start off, I need your suggestions!


This week, ManpowerGroup released its 11th annual Talent Shortage Survey which takes a snapshot of the most in-demand occupations in Australia. It found that 38 per cent of Australian employers are having difficulties filling job vacancies due to talent shortages. If you're looking for work (or a high-paying career change), these are the skills you should be training up in.