• How To Write The Ultimate Canned Email

    How To Write The Ultimate Canned Email

    If you get a lot of emails that deserve at least a cursory reply, you might feel like no form-letter email could possibly replace all of them. Here’s a clever solution, borrowed from the sci-fi author Robert Heinlein.

  • Basic Netiquette For Email Lists And Forums

    Email lists and forums are a great way to connect with people with similar interests, but they can seem scary to new participants, and saying the wrong thing can bring torrents of abuse raining down on you. Here’s the basics you should remember.

  • Tweak Facebook To Display Only Updates You Care About

    Social network friendships are a complicated thing; it’s hard to turn down an acquaintance’s friend request, but after you’ve approved 50 of them, the signal-to-noise ratio of your homepage drops significantly. Here’s how to fix it without un-friending (or offending) anyone.