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The Digital Inspiration blog points out a neat URL trick that makes Google Reader into a mobile-sizing tool for any web site with a RSS feed. Even better, you don't have to be a Google Reader user, or even have a Google account, to use it. To try it out, find and copy a site's feed address. Then paste it at the end of a Google Reader mobile address, like so:http://www.google.com/reader/m/view/feed/ You'll get a standard view of feed items, and the items themselves open up in Google Reader. Sites that only offer blurbs won't offer much benefit, of course, but it's a handy way to create easy-to-read bookmarks for a small screen. Bloggers can also create mobile-ready versions of their site, explained in full at the link below.
Make a Mobile Friendly Version of your Blog using Google Reader


Having web access on your cell phone can be convenient, but only if it doesn't take you 2 minutes to navigate to Wikipedia and type in "Auld Lang Syne". Boopsie, a free mobile search app, aims to cut down the number of keypad clicks between you and the information you're looking for. Functioning like a multi-engine Google Suggest, Boopsie brings up sites and results as you type partial queries. So finding "Atlas Shrugged" on Amazon, for instance, requires just an "am" to get to Amazon Books, and then "at shr" to pull up the results, which are then formatted for small screens. Mobile browsers can search at Boopsie.com, desktop users can try it out at boopsie.mobi, and we can all laugh at how few relevant names there must left for web applications these days.


New voice-to-text reminder service reQall is more than a little bit like the better-known Jott, but stands apart with wide accessibility and support for users in the UK and Canada. As with Jott, the primary feature is a phone number to call and speak a reminder to, which is then transcribed and made available a whole heck of a lot of ways—on your reQall and iGoogle pages, by RSS, through a standard iCal feed, a text message alert, or in a daily email agenda. As you might expect, the transcription isn't perfect (see screenshot above), but fairly accurate and able to both time-shift and set reminders into categories. reQall is currently a free service (and the founders have stated that a free version will remain after beta), and can be signed up for by phone or at the web site.


Online productivity suite Zoho has rolled out a mobile version of its Creator webapp , which can make both basic databases and help forge customised interfaces and applications to use them. As the somewhat (intentionally?) cheesy promotional video shows, It could be useful for adding to office or personal projects and websites on the go, or for pulling up and presenting information from a non-sensitive database. Like other Zoho applications, Creator is free to use but requires an account sign-up.

Zoho Creator Mobile