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The Weather Channel, an app drawer staple for many of us, may be using your location data without your consent. The city of Los Angeles filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing Weather Channel owner The Weather Company, as well as IBM, its parent company, of using location data acquired through the app for targeted ad sales and marketing without permission. When installed, the Weather Channel app requests access to your location data to give you local weather reports, but does not mention that the data will be used for advertising or could be sold to a third party.


iOS apps that want access to your location data must ask for permission before they can start collecting that information. But researchers from Guardian Mobile Firewall have found that a number of app developers are then on-selling that data without your permission.


Sharing your running and cycling routes is the whole point of using Strava - you can see whether you're the fastest in your neighbourhood at climbing that big hill, or take on a friend's favourite running route to see how you compare. But this weekend, Australian analyst Nathan Ruser pointed out that the app's heatmap of popular routes reveals, oops, data about military bases and the people who are stationed there.