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You already love the one-stop convenience of shopping online at Amazon.com, but chances are you're not getting everything you can out of this feature-packed shopping engine. Did you know Amazon can email you suggestions from Mom's wish list two weeks before her birthday? Automatically ship you a new case of toilet paper every two months? Refund the difference on the price of an item you purchased that went on sale? Several advanced Amazon features and third party apps and add-ons can help you get the best deals and the stuff you want delivered to your door right on time. After the jump, add our favourite 10 Amazon power-shopper tools to your cart.


Web marketer and migraine sufferer Scott Clark is tracking all the daily variables—food, environment, activity, and the like—that surround his attacks with a migraine diary, and he's found text-to-speech services like Jott (original post) are the best hassle-free tool for the job. Not only will Jott (or ReQall or most similar systems) automatically record the date and time of the entries, but it's always accessible by cell phone, and one can create a dedicated "inbox" for migraines to separate the diary from productivity-related uses. For anyone looking to track a diet, health issue, or other things that happen away from the desk, it's worth looking into. Photo by robtxgal. Migraine Diary Creation using Jott


US-centric :Ever drive by a house for sale and wonder what the price is? Find out on the spot using voice transcription service Jott and real estate valuation search engine Zillow. You'll need to register at Jott (it's free), and to set up a Zillow link within your Jott account. Once that's done, you can call Jott on your cell phone and speak the address of the home to get back a text message or email with the "Zestimate," Zillow's valuation. Hit the play button on the link to hear how Jott and Zillow work together to help you hunt for real estate. Jott Zillow Link


Blackberry users ony: Mobile speech-to-text service Jott has released a beta plug-in for Blackberry phones (series 8800, 8300 Curve, and 8100 Pearl only) that lets you respond to those ever-present emails with a "Reply with Jott" feature. The main advantage is that if you notice a message while driving, you can speak your reply and have it sent as an email, rather than drastically increased your chance at an accident. The program should work with most Bluetooth headsets as well, but users have noted that the program defaults to speakerphone mode upon hitting reply, although I don't have a model myself to see if that's configurable. Jott for Beta is a free download (while it's in beta, at least), and be downloaded by pointing your Blackberry to jott.com/bb. For ideas on getting more out of Jott, see how to get things done over the phone with Jott. Thanks Joshua! Jott for Blackberry


US-centric: At its most basic level, webapp Jott is a voice to text transcription service: you call Jott, leave a message, and Jott transcribes it and emails you or your contacts the text. That alone can capture the big idea that pops into your head on the drive to the office, but Jott can do a whole lot more than send you email. With Jott's built-in links and tools that capitalise on its email-sending abilities, it can give nearly any personal organization system a go-anywhere, add-anything boost. Today we've got a quick primer on how to turn your phone into a ubiquitous capture tool that zaps info into all your favorite organisation apps by voice.

Getting Started


New voice-to-text reminder service reQall is more than a little bit like the better-known Jott, but stands apart with wide accessibility and support for users in the UK and Canada. As with Jott, the primary feature is a phone number to call and speak a reminder to, which is then transcribed and made available a whole heck of a lot of ways—on your reQall and iGoogle pages, by RSS, through a standard iCal feed, a text message alert, or in a daily email agenda. As you might expect, the transcription isn't perfect (see screenshot above), but fairly accurate and able to both time-shift and set reminders into categories. reQall is currently a free service (and the founders have stated that a free version will remain after beta), and can be signed up for by phone or at the web site.


US-centric: Schedule and access your upcoming appointments in Google Calendar with the ease of a phone call with web application Jott to Google Calendar. Once Jott2Gcal is set up, you can dial your Jott number and say something like, "Dinner with Gina tomorrow at 8:30pm" and it should automatically be added to your calendar. Likewise, if you were to call and say, "Get events from 10/5/2007 through 10/10/2007," you should get an email (and SMS message, depending on your settings) listing your events. We were desperate for a similar Gcal solution when PingMe integrated with Jott, and Jott2Gcal answers that call.
AU - Jott is available in US and Canada only, sorry guys!

Add to Google Calendar by Talking Into Your Cell