ios 4.3

  • Comparing Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Tethering In iOS 4.3

    Wi-Fi tethering is one of the most prominent features for iPhone users in the iOS 4.3 upgrade, and Australians don’t have to pay extra to use it. But if you’ve been using the long-in-place Bluetooth tethering option, is switching to Wi-Fi a better bet? Nick at our sibling title Gizmodo investigated, and concluded “not really”.

  • Which Australian Carriers Will Support iOS 4.3 Hotspots?

    One of the key features of iOS 4.3 (coming this week to your iPhone and fairly soon to the iPad 2) is the ability to use your existing phone connection as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices. But will you have to pay extra for the privilege? We checked in with the three main carriers…