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Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): One of our favourite Firefox extensions dropped two letters and added a few neat features. Xmarks, Foxmarks' successor, is Firefox only right now, but plans to soon be your go-anywhere hive brain for bookmarks. Launching from the DEMO '09 conference today, Xmarks is, from the users' viewpoint, just a re-branding and incremental upgrade for Firefox users. In fact, existing Foxmarks users don't have to install anything new, as Xmarks appears as just an upgrade to their existing add-on. But the Fox/Xmarks team has thrown in a few neat new features to its already-great system for keeping your bookmarks (and, on Firefox, passwords) synchronised across browsers and computers. If I'm reading the releases right, the big goal is to get most, if not all, of this functionality into Internet Explorer and Safari, and soon. That'd be a major step toward the never-ending dilemma of syncing bookmarks across all browsers. Xmarks is a free download, works wherever Firefox does. IE and Safari users (on Windows), check out the cross-platform Foxmarks for a mostly-similar tool. Digging the new Xmarks name, look, and search features? Annoyed at having another tool glom onto your Google results? Sound off in the comments.



Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Popular bookmark syncing Firefox extension Foxmarks has added tag suggestions for bookmarks—making this already great service just that much better. The new tag suggestions, which are based on what other people used to tag the same page, show up when you edit the tags for a bookmark—rounding out a feature set that includes password syncing, sync profiles, and mobile access. The only gripe is that the suggestions don't appear to factor in your most popular tags, making it less useful for readers with rigid tagging standards—but you can turn off the new suggestions in the settings panel, and use previously mentioned UrlBarExt's custom tag menu for quicker bookmarking instead. Foxmarks is a free download, works anywhere Firefox does—and recently updated to support IE and Safari, minus the password sync.


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Windows/Mac: Foxmarks, our favourite way to keep Firefox bookmarks synced across computers, is now offered for Internet Explorer and Safari, giving anyone with multiple computers or browsers a pain-free way to keep it all together. Foxmarks offers basically the same type of background bookmark-syncing awesomeness for IE and Safari as it does for Firefox, with a few key exceptions:</p?

No password syncing: A tough break, but not too hard to overcome by using Dropbox as a cross-platform password syncer. No syncing bookmarks to your own server: Probably not a deal-breaker for most users, but we hope it makes a showing some day soon. iPhone sync only for Mac Safari: Actually, this isn't a feature Foxmarks even offers for Firefox, so it's kind of a bonus.

If you're still down to try out Foxmarks in its newest forms, head to the Foxmarks downloads page and grab your appropriate installer. I lack a Mac system, so I'll be stepping through an Internet Explorer setup below.


Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Popular bookmark-syncing Firefox extension Foxmarks has expanded to support password syncing between your browsers. Many of you have been looking for a good way to sync your passwords since Google discontinued Browser Sync, and now Foxmarks is filling that very need. We told you Foxmarks had been testing password sync a few weeks ago, and now the latest version of the extension bears the fruits of that labour. Once you've updated, syncing your passwords is as simple as ticking the checkbox next to Passwords in the Sync tab of the Foxmarks preferences. You'll need to set a pin to secure your passwords (Foxmarks uses AES 256-bit encryption), but Foxmarks takes care of the rest. It's not as comprehensive as syncing your passwords with Dropbox and KeePass or 1Password since Foxmarks only syncs browser passwords, but if that's all you need, this one's a winner. Thanks Dennis!



Bookmark-syncing application Foxmarks has updated their site to support easy access to your bookmarks from your iPhone, iPod touch, or other mobile device. Last week we highlighted O-Marks, an native iPhone application that syncs bookmarks to your iPhone. O-Marks requires you to access those bookmarks outside your browser, though, which isn't ideal, and it seems like a bit of an overkill for something as simple as bookmarks. With the Foxmarks update, just point your mobile browser to my.foxmarks.com, and it'll serve up the mobile interface of your bookmarks complete with search. It's fast and easy to use, but I'd throw in a vote for opening links in new windows so you can switch back to it more easily. A direct bookmark sync with mobile Safari would be ideal, but the mobile version of Foxmarks is a close second. Don't have an iPhone? The Foxmarks update includes a similar small screen interface for your mobile device, too.

My Foxmarks


iPhone/iPod touch only: Free application O-Marks automatically syncs bookmarks to your iPhone from Firefox-syncing tool Foxmarks or from your Delicious account. The most intriguing feature for Firefox users is the Foxmarks integration, since once you've set up O-Marks with Foxmarks, your Firefox bookmarks now automatically sync to your iPhone. That means you don't need to use Safari just to sync bookmarks to your iPhone anymore. It just takes a little know-how to get it set up.


Our favourite bookmark-syncing extension for Firefox, Foxmarks, is venturing into syncing your passwords as well as your bookmarks between browsers over the internet. Coupled with Foxmarks' new profile support, you can selectively sync what passwords go where and keep your banking passwords at home and your IT passwords at work. You have to opt into the password sync beta to enable it in your Foxmarks account. Of course, trusting your important passwords to a feature in beta—no matter how secure it appears to be—should make anyone concerned about security and privacy antsy, so do proceed with caution, and maybe only use this feature for your low-security passwords. Do you sync your passwords to the cloud, or do you wish you could? Let us know in the comments.

Password Sync: What happens in Profiles, stays in Profiles


Firefox only: Our favourite bookmark syncing Firefox extension, Foxmarks, can now sync select sets of bookmarks to certain computers you set up, like at home or at the office. To get started with selective syncing in Foxmarks, log onto My Foxmarks with your usual login, and in the Tools menu, choose "Manage Sync Profiles." Assign bookmarks to your sync profiles—like family bookmarks to the Home profile and office links to the Work profile. Then, on each computer you use Foxmarks on, make sure you've got the latest version installed in Firefox. In the settings dialog, on the Profiles tab, choose which profile that browser instance should sync. While Foxmarks doesn't sync anything else of your Firefox user profile other than bookmarks—the way Google Sync used to, and Mozilla Weave does—this is still a really useful feature for compartmentalising your bookmarks and making sure sensitive or personal links only show up on the computers you want them on.

Download Foxmarks Set Up Sync Profiles at My Foxmarks


Our favorite bookmarks synchronizing Firefox extension, Foxmarks, is going through some growing pains. I got the notification to upgrade to version 2.0.34 last night, and went ahead with it. But since I did, I haven't been able to connect to the synchronization servers. The Foxmarks folks say it's server overload and they're on the case, but if you can, I'd hold off before doing the update.

Foxmarks 2.0.34 Launched