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Sometimes, the weekend is about just having time with your friends and family. Sometimes it's about watching strangely reformed 90s pop bands. And sometimes it's about catching up with the best tech hints from the past week on Lifehacker:

Work out how much international carry-on luggage you can get away with If you're a Commonwealth Bank customer, check out the mobile NetBank site Pick a better bank account with Fumzup Teach your keyword bookmarks not to misbehave Equip your BlackBerry for voice search


I'm going to spend part of the weekend photographing restored steam trains, at which point our recent post about taking HDR photos might well come in handy. Here's some other tips from the past week that could prove useful if you get a spare minute:

Try out the five-minute prison workout Buy some discount iTunes cards at Woolies before the sale ends Download IE8 before the Windows Update rush starts Video your elderly relatives to get a chance of putting them on the ABC If you're tempted by Nokia's Comes With Music, which officially launched on March 20, check our cost benefit analysis before coughing up


Tom Baker likes to spend his weekend mowing lawns and babbling, but there's plenty of other ways to fill in those precious 48 hours. If you've got an inclination to get a bit more techie, check out these ideas from Lifehacker you may have missed during the week:

Find yourself a suitable surfing beach on your mobile phone Consider whether naked DSL could save you money Turn your digital camera into a pinhole camera, for nostalgia's sake Create weird URL shortcuts Benchmark your hard drive (and work out if it's too blame for all those appalling performance problems)


Naturally, we're not opposed to a cocktail or two. But if you do feel the urge to plonk yourself in front of the PC this weekend, here are five ideas from the last week on Lifehacker that you might care to explore:

Find out if there's any caf├ęs near you with free Wi-Fi using Laptopfriendlycafes.com Get that nightclub experience without leaving home by checking out Awdio's live streaming from clubs Get less distracted next week by setting up a tangents log Back up your DRM-protected music by burning it to CD — after all, even Microsoft says it's OK Check out the revamped version of Lifehacker favourite Foxmarks, now known as Xmarks