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All platforms with Firefox: Just uploaded updates to three Better XXX extensions, which added secure updates and Firefox 3 Beta 4 support, plus a few other goodies. Go get the latest version of Better Gmail 2, Better YouTube (now with YouTube Canada support!), and Better GReader (now with a working Minimalistic skin!) from their homepages, or current users can just hit the "Update" button in Firefox's Add-ons dialog. Thanks for your patience, Firefox 3 beta testers.


Firefox 3 Beta only: If you've taken the plunge into testing the brand new Firefox 3 beta but your favourite extensions are disabled, that's because developers haven't updated them and may not be providing secure updates yet. If you're an impatient risk-taker who needs your extensions back NOW, here's a cheat that may get them to work. Big Honking Warning: Only do this if you're willing to deal with possible bleeding edge extension bugs and security risks!