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Back in the day, there were four essential apps every computer user installed to their computer; a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation/graphics, and a database. The idea was that when one of the first three programs couldn't do a job, you could knock up something simple in the database app to fit a particular business need. But, over the years, many of those niches were filled with commercial applications and the database applications we created became more complex. Over that time, FileMaker evolved to help people create increasingly complex business apps. Now at Version 17, the FileMaker software family simplifies the process of creating complex apps that are ready for the mobile world.


Hey Lifehacker, I am thinking about storing all of my information in the one system. This would include at a minimum contacts, tasks, notes and project info. I feel I have outgrown Gmail and similar services and want to make my own custom system to store the exact information I need.