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All platforms with Firefox: Even though Firefox 3 has decent file and FTP browsing built-in, the Firefly extension aims to turn the 'fox into a robust file manager. Browse your local drives and folders in Firefox using Firefly, which offers tabs, can split your screen to view several folders, preview images, open, rename, copy, and delete files, and display a hierarchical folder tree in the sidebar. Not sure Firefly is quite as polished as it could be, but if you're dying for a Windows Explorer alternative and Xplorer 2 and others like it aren't cutting it, Firefly is an option. See this Firefly tutorial for more of what it can do. Firefly is a free download which works (almost) wherever Firefox does—the developer says definitely Windows and Linux, but less testing's been done on the Mac.



As you know if you've been reading Lifehacker for any length of time, we review a *lot* of software apps, addons and the like. Some of them you check out and then move on. Others, like FileBox eXtender, get downloaded for keeps. The reason why I leapt on this app is that it solves the annoying problem of having to click through folder tree after folder tree in Windows to get to the one you want.Basically, it adds "favourites" and "recently accessed" buttons to the standard Windows "File Open"  and "File Save" dialog boxes and Explorer folders. This means you can access the folders and documents you use most often with just one click. In my case, it means I can save myself time and annoying mouseclicks when uploading photos to my Moveable Type blog. Very pleasing.The screenshot shows the drop down FileBox eXtender menu, with your favourite destinations. Note the option to add the current file or folder to the drop menu. Nice. Note that you'll need to register the app to be able to add more than two favourites.The little push pin icon is for another FileBox eXtender feature, which allows you to pin that page to the top of your display.FileBox eXtender is freeware, works on Windows. Kudus to its publisher, Hyperionics, for having a control panel and decent configuration instructions online, too.FileBox eXtender