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We've seen all kinds of touchscreen solutions for when fingers don't suit. A mobile-centered blog suggests an anti-static bag can also make the touch-sensitive grade.


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Ed. note: Senior Editor of MAKE magazine Phil Torrone joins us to celebrate more modern-day MacGyvers as we continue DIY week at Lifehacker. Today's makers: Christy Canida and Eric Wilhelm, the DIY gurus behind the much-loved Instructables.


The awesome thing about pegboards is how easy they make sorting and organising your tools. The not-so-awesome thing about pegboards is how they're nailed to the wall. This DIY pegboard cart let's you bring the organisation with you.


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Ed. note: All this week, Senior Editor of MAKE magazine Phil Torrone is joining us to highlight a few modern day MacGyvers as we continue celebrating the DIY ethic at Lifehacker. Today's maker: HAM radio enthusiast Diana Eng.


Whether you've bootstrapped a business with the bare minimum, built something amazing out of spare parts, or simply rescued a party without a bottle opener, we know you've got a DIY story to tell. We'd love to hear it and share it.