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Though many potential smartphone buyers are after the Biggest and Best that they can find, there are those of us that like to stick to cheap phones that just get the job done - a cheeky phone call every now and again, easy texting and an occasional jaunt online to check the news. If that's you, you're probably looking for a mid-range phone that doesn't break the bank, so we've rounded up the best of them. Plenty of familiar names here -- and plenty of bargains too.


Basketball fans are revving up for the 2017-18 NBA season, which kicks off tomorrow morning in Australia with a huge double-header: Boston plays Cleveland and the Rockets face off against the perennial superteam, the Warriors. Yes, the countdown to the season proper is well and truly on, so for NBA fans in Australia that want to catch all the NBA action this year, we break down the cheapest way to stream the NBA here.


Ebay, that most venerable website full of deals and savings, is turning 18 today! Happy birthday Ebay! Of course, with birthdays come celebrations and Ebay is throwing a huge party tonight, online, where everything will be 18% off!