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So Apple's confirmed the iPhone will be available in the UK in November. Meanwhile in Australia everyone's atwitter about which carrier will get the contract here.
From all the iPhone unlocking hacks that have already come out of the US, it seems somewhat fruitless to try to lock iPhone users to just one carrier, but that's what Apple is doing with the UK launch too. Gizmodo UK said O2 will be the exclusive carrier when iPhone launches there in November.
So, readers, if the Fin Review is correct and Telstra has the edge in race for Apple's iPhone, does that change your buying plans for iPhone? I must admit it gives me pause for thought. :)


Search engine Youlicit calculates the popularity of search results based on user votes rather than web site links. Call it a social bookmark tool if you will: search by URL or key phrase, and related sites ranked by Youlicit users appear. To get in on the voting yourself, install a Firefox extension for recommending sites (registration required) almost like StumbleUpon. Even though it's still in beta, Youlicit did well in initial tests, listing Hackszine.com, 43Folders.com and lifehack.org as Lifehacker's related sites.


Students: Build a sliding laptop mount for your dorm bunk with the step-by-step instructions from DIY web site Instructables. With a few relatively cheap supplies and some elbow grease, the author of the howto uses his mounted laptop to watch DVDs or work on papers all supine-like with his wireless keyboard. Nice.

Gliding/Floating Laptop dock


Windows only - Our friends at Gizmodo AU have written up the release of Webguide - a free upgrade which lets Media Center users stream video and other content across the net.

"Webguide was bought by Microsoft and made a free upgrade to all Media Center users. It basically streams all video, music, photos and TV across the net. It even re-encodes HD streams to lesser pixel counts."

As Shay says, free is free! I have to confess that I haven't played around much with the Media Center in Vista. If you use it, let us know what it's like in comments.

Webguide for Media Center streams all your content to any browser


Avoid overweight luggage charges next time you've filled your bag with souvenirs with the New Digital Scale. You can easily weigh your luggage on a regular bathroom scale to ensure that you're under the airline limit, but after you've gone on a trip, packing your souvenirs for the return fight is where you're most likely to get burned—and chances are you won't have a bathroom scale handy. The New Digital Scale attaches to the handle of your luggage; you then lift the scale until it beeps and displays the weight of your suitcase. The New Digital Scale costs $US25 and weighs only 8 oz (225g).
AU - looks like they do ship to Australia but strangely when I checked the international shipping fee scale, Australia wasn't listed. It costs $US27 to ship to NZ though - so finding a local supplier might be an idea!
Digital Scale


Windows/Mac/Linux (Thunderbird): Thunderbird extension XNote creates persistent sticky notes that you can attach to individual emails and then reference later, saving you from printing and manually attaching notes to your paper copies while still allowing you to take simple notes on individual emails. Probably the simplest way to add notes to emails, the free, Thunderbird-only extension makes a great GTD companion.