Ethics Policy

Our mission at Lifehacker Australia is to inspire, entertain and inform young Ausralians, bringing them the stories they want across all of their interests — from the latest food and lifestyle trends, to entertainment news and honest reviews. It’s all in-line with our company values — fearless, hungry and real.

When it comes to gifts, payments and travel, our editorial team works to avoid conflicts of interest at all times. Editors and writers do not accept payment from individuals or companies in exchange for editorial coverage. Similarly, while staff may accept gifts, we only do so without guaranteeing coverage.

When covering press trips that have been paid for by a brand or partner, the circumstances are clearly disclosed to the reader in any subsequent coverage, and the reporting is always honest and unbiased. 

To ensure our audience sees themselves fairly and accurately represented across Lifehacker Australia, our editorial team makes a conscious effort to engage talent, highlight stories and select imagery that is diverse and inclusive.

You can find Lifehacker Australia’s full Affiliate Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions on our website. To share feedback or to report any Pedestrian Group content you believe is inappropriate or unlawful, please email [email protected].