Defence Jobs Spotlight: Air Surveillance Operator, Intelligence Officer

Work on some of the most sophisticated radar equipment in Australia, or take up a role in a highly classified environment providing intelligence support. Read on to find out more about these exciting and unique careers.

Air Surveillance Operator

What’s cool about this job? You’ll use sophisticated electronic equipment to detect, classify and identify aircraft and surface vessels within a specified area of operations. Day to day this is conducted for Australian airspace and its approaches for reasons of illegal incursions to our sovereign territory. On exercise or operations, you will establish and maintain an up-to-date and complete picture of air and surface activities using a network of radars and intelligence systems.

There are two main areas of employment for Air Surveillance Operators.

  • Jorn Coordination Centre Environment, an Australian designed and built Over the Horizon Radar that system allows long range surveillance coverage of Northern Australia and its approaches
  • The Regional Coordination Centre Environment — using an array of microwave radars and a suite of intelligence systems, you’ll prepare the Australian Air Picture which is used for Air Battle Management operations and disseminated to other RAAF, RAN and Australian Army units.

Duties include setting up and operating tactical computer displays and Intelligence systems, working with other sections to classify and identify aircraft, aiding the production of the overall air picture by communicating with external agencies and using data entry and manipulation of a Graphical User Interface.

You’ll provide a Networking Capability with allied forces via secure data transmission services, and transfer battle space information to assets and commanders in order to allow comprehensive situational awareness of a given Area of Operations. You’ll also be interpreting and analysing information received from an Over the Horizon Radar to detect and track air and surface targets in order to develop an air/sea picture of Australia’s approaches. You’ll operate supplemental surveillance and intelligence gathering equipment.

You may also be employed as an instructor at the Surveillance and Control Training Unit.

How much does it pay? Salary package upon completion of training is $77,850 per year (includes service allowances and a generous super contribution)

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Intelligence Officer

What’s cool about this job? You could be employed as an Intelligence Officer at an operational squadron preparing and presenting intelligence briefs, conducting debriefs, providing advice to squadron members, and commanders.

Duties include managing imagery processing and analysis facilities as well as analysing and preparing assessments of air-related activities affecting Australia’s interests.

You’ll also be performing intelligence analysis tasks, including signals, target, ground and counter-intelligence duties. Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance duties and Electronic warfare and weapons systems analysis will also be part of the job, along with interpreting the significance of intelligence data/reports to the conduct of selected RAAF air operations and assisting in the maintenance and monitoring of high standards of security throughout the RAAF.

You may also be employed in various non-specific intelligence areas such as training and instructing.

How much does it pay? Salary package upon completion of training is $77,850 per year (includes service allowances and a generous super contribution)

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