Look, I'll be honest. At this point, trying to predict a launch date for Amazon is going to require some divination. There's been no word from the '800-pound gorilla' and no comment on the speculation. All that potential bargain hunters can do is keep refreshing that home page.

But over the weekend Amazon Australia's HTML changed, giving some indication of its first round of product offerings and providing a glimmer of hope that that launch is fast approaching.


What happens when you combine a cultural obsession with thinness, a bit of organised propaganda and a catchy hashtag?

Enter the “bikini bridge”: the space between the bikini and the lower abdomen that occurs when bather bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones.


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Earlier today the Ashes kicked off - arguably Australia's biggest sporting rivalry with England. But it's not the only world sport that the two nations do battle in today. No! There's also the Rugby League World Cup Final.

Australia have coasted through the tournament, whereas England were lucky to escape Tonga in their semi-final last weekend. It all comes down to just one more match tonight. Here's where you can watch the World Cup Final live, online and free.


Remote collaboration is both a blessing and a curse. One one hand, it allows for unmatched convenience as team members can work together from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, communication can get a bit muddled when a team isn't all together in one location — specifically when it comes to sharing files. That's why Droplr was created as a reliable way to share critical project information to the people who need it. And, you can take an additional 40% off its sale price when you plug the CYBER40 code in at checkout.


Dear Lifehacker, After going through my third pair of earphones for my mobile in recent times, I was wondering if there is a "preferred" way to keep the phone in your pocket? Do you have the lead facing upwards from the outside of the pocket, or down towards the groin? I'm sick of my earphones not lasting a year before the connection becomes sketchy.


Amazon is potentially days away from launching its online retail service in Australia. This means that you will soon be able to buy everything from food to electronics without paying exorbitant international shipping fees. As the launch inches closer, more and more questions are being answered about Amazon’s arrival in the Great Southern Land.

We’ve rounded up everything you need to know.


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