If you're in a job that's clearly awful in at least one aspect, there's at least one upside: it's a lot easier to know that you want to quit. But if you like your team, have a decent salary and a reasonable manager, you'll likely have a more difficult time deciding when to move on.


When somebody gets fired in a movie or TV show, it is usually "effective immediately" with the hapless employee ordered to clear out their desk by the end of the day. Sometimes they are even forcibly removed from the workplace. But is any of this legal? Let's find out.


The cloud-based integration platform provider MuleSoft recently opened a new flagship office on North Sydney's Walker Street. Boasting beautiful North Sydney views, regular wine tastings and mascots aplenty, the workplace has been designed to foster the company's core value in employees: "be a better human". Here are the photos!


Dear Lifehacker, I read somewhere that a creative workspace can lead to higher productivity and wanted to know if it's true? I work in a boring office job (it pays the bills) but I'm a creative type at heart. My question is, how can I add creativity to my corner of a boring workplace to inspire myself (preferably without getting in trouble)?


The "10-page anti-diversity screed" that got a Google employee fired this week is a prime example of many, many societal ills. Besides the larger issues of systematic oppression, workplace harassment, and misogyny and racism that are rampant in the tech industry at large, there's a simpler lesson to be learned here:

If you'd got a company-wide message board, blog, or Slack channel, maybe use some common sense before blasting something out to the entire staff, including your bosses?

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Jobs don’t grow on trees. Especially dream jobs. Especially jobs at EB Games.

For many, getting a job at EB Games is a way to translate a hobby into a career, to do work in an industry that they already love. But getting a job at EB Games isn’t easy.


Job interviews can be challenging to navigate even without the added stress of trying to diplomatically field inappropriate, invasive, or downright illegal lines of questioning. In the interest of helping future job-hunters navigate these choppy waters, we looked at some of the weirdest interview experiences and sought out expert advice on how to handle them.


According to the most recent ABS data, the average Australian income is $60,892 per year. However, this number is pretty meaningless if you're trying to work out the mode or median: the wages at the very top and bottom invariably skew the results.

If you really want to know how your income compares to the Australian average, you need to focus on people in similar circumstances to yourself. The WageSage website attempts to do the hard work for you: it limits the results to people who share your age, location and gender for much higher accuracy.


Sometimes you end up in a position, for instance, Press Secretary at the White House, that you're not exactly cut out for. Everyone has to quit a job at some point. Whether you've found a new gig or just get the feeling (perhaps from watching news reports) that your seconds away from being fired when it's time to walk away, there's a right and a wrong way to do it.


Fatigue is usually a problem we associate with jobs like truck driving or nursing, where physical demands and 24-hour rosters must be tightly monitored. In the corporate world, fatigue gets swept under the rug; it’s just part of the game.

But left unaddressed over a prolonged period, and combined with other stress factors, this can lead to burnout - a more serious problem that can cause long term psychological damage. Here are five warning signs that employers and workers need to watch out for - and how to fix existing problems.


Silicon Valley is full of college dropouts who became obscenely wealthy CEOs. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg - the list goes on and on. Of course, most of these guys had genius and/or family wealth on their side. For average Joes, scoring a high-paying salary with no qualifications is tougher - but not impossible. Here are five jobs with potential salaries in the six figures that don't require a degree.


You go to networking events to meet people, but how do you remember them after you head home after a few glasses of wine? Remembering names can be difficult all on its own. When you meet a ton of people at the same time, that problem only gets worse. However, there are a few things you can do to help make sure you remember everyone you meet and all that small talk and handshaking doesn't go to waste.