Most jobs advertised in Australia are filled within a month. Others are much harder to fill, with the listing remaining vacant after 60 days. Here are 20 occupations that Aussie employers are having limited luck with.


Jeff Bezos is officially the richest human being on the planet. As one of the key founders of Amazon, Google, Airbnb, Twitter and Uber, the man clearly has a lot to crow about when it comes to professional skills and achievements. Nevertheless, it's possible to cram everything important into a single page - which means you really need to trim the fat from your own resume.


Working up the courage to ask for a raise can be difficult. And if your boss rejects your request, you might be tempted to back down immediately and forget the whole thing ever happened. A better idea: prepare yourself with a backup plan so you can score other perks, if not a pay increase.


Australia’s national minimum wage should become a “living wage”, according to a new campaign from the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU). But what exactly is a living wage?


Evil Week is coming to an end and it’s time to get a few things off my chest about working retail for 25% of my life. Over the journey, I heard the same jokes thousands of times and saw the same things happen again and again, which truly boiled the blood. So now I can impart that knowledge on you, dear reader and you may do with it what you will.


Dear Lifehacker, I have applied for a position internally with the company I already work for. The application process requests you to supply an "asking salary". My application was successful after several rounds of interviews but I was not given any information around salary, so I assumed my asking salary had been accepted. I have since discovered that the company has gone with a much lower salary than expected (25 per cent difference).


Almost every job interview ends with a variation of the same question: "Do you have any questions for us?" It goes without saying that you don't want to draw a blank here. However, you also don't want to ask the wrong question and invalidate the rest of the interview. This hack from the archives explains the best way to respond.


Unlike actors and Ashton Kutcher, cartoon characters can't decide what products or ideologies they endorse in their off-time. Snoopy has no say in whether he sells MetLife. The Ninja Turtles most definitely get high -- they are pizza-eating sword collectors named after artists -- but they have to warn kids off drugs anyway.


Even if you're not a freelancer or a "creative", you'll probably benefit from a page that lays out your accomplishments and not just your work history. If you ever want to give a talk, get quoted in an article, work a side hustle, start your own business, or just get a job offer, then you need a public portfolio.


Workplace sexual harassment affects far more women than men, but men are the ones who bear responsibility for ending it. Besides, of course, not harassing women, we need to stand up for them, especially (and unfortunately) as we're more likely to be heard and respected than the victims themselves. Esquire has a guide to noticing, handling, and reporting sexual harassment, including how to escalate a complaint to a superior, HR, and even the press.