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Although writing in iOS might seem troublesome, with faster fingers or a Bluetooth keyboard you can actually get a lot done. Whether it's just a note, your next novel or new screenplay, here are the apps you'll need.


Good thoughts can come from anywhere, at any time. So can edits to your best writing work. Keep your text close at hand, and ideas easy to add, with these great writing, note-taking and idea-gathering apps for Android.


Digging into NaNoWriMo? Working on something much shorter? Either way, Kurt Vonnegut Jr has a few tips for your characters, your sentences and how you treat your readers. It's an oldie but a goodie, shared by reader Zan.


No matter your command of the English language, we all have trouble defining, pronouncing or even remembering certain words, which makes writing tough. Here are some of the best tools to help you out.


It's easy to become attached to your words, claiming ownership to their arrangement on the page and to the phrases you create. But how much do you really own what you write? How much have you, technically, plagiarised?


It's easy to obsess more about your writing setup than your actual writing, but when inspiration strikes and you actually want to — you know — write something, nothing should stand between you and putting your thoughts on paper, digital or otherwise.


Learning the rules of language is important, otherwise it can be pretty difficult to communicate effectively. But if you're hung up on perfect form and accuracy you can end up impeding your own creativity and the development of language in general.


You know those emails you read once, read again and still aren't sure what the sender's trying to say? It's annoying, right? We all recognise a terrible email when we get one, but we're often guilty of the same email sins ourselves.


Despite the proliferation of digital note-taking tools, many people still love the tactile and no-batteries-required experience of writing in a physical notebook. In honour of writing week we want to hear all about your favourite notebook.