• World Of Servers Week 1: What We Learned

    Lifehacker’s World Of Servers project kicked off last week with a series of posts from LCA2013 in Canberra looking at systems administration, virtualisation and the future of networking. Here are the key lessons we learned.

  • The Tech Wisdom Of Sir Tim Berners-Lee

    Having already spoken at several locations around the country during his Australian tour, Sir Tim Berners-Lee gave the final keynote at Linux.conf.au this morning. What are his thoughts on open platforms, operating systems choice, HTML5 DRM and the <blink> tag?

  • Why Hasn’t Everyone Moved To IPv6?

    We’ve known for decades that the available pool of IPv4 address was eventually going to dry up, but despite numerous warnings usage of its successor IPv6 is still minimal. Why haven’t we migrated yet? Geoff Huston, chief scientist for regional internet registry APNIC, suggests that the answer is that carriers are too cheap to make…

  • How To Be A Better Systems Administrator

    In the cloud computing era, effectively managing servers and systems is more important than ever. Follow these basic principles to ensure that your workplace systems run smoothly (and advance your own career in the process).