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The Second World War swallowed up the years between 1939 and 1945, affecting people across the globe and ending as the deadliest conflict in human history. As some of humanity's darkest days, it's origins and legacy are taught in schools across the world. It may be easy to understand who attacked who - but it isn't easy to fully comprehend the scale until it's laid out for you in simple, easy to understand terms.

Just like this two-part video series does.


There are few people who haven't heard of Fanta. It's one of the world's most popular soft drinks and a beloved staple at kids' birthday parties. Despite its huge brand recognition, many people don't realise that the product originated in Nazi Germany - just like the Volkswagen Beetle.


Roald Dahl is best known for writing a series of beloved and critically acclaimed children's books. But before Willy Wonka, Mr Fox, the B.F.G and all the rest, Dahl had a career of a very different sort - as a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force.

During World War 2, he took part in the brutal Battle of Athens, sustained life-threatening injuries in a crash and rose to the rank of squadron leader. Oh yeah, and he also fell in love with a nurse.