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Install And Update All Your Windows Apps At Once With The Chocolatey GUI 

Windows: The phrase “package manager” sounds a bit ominous, but if you’re smart, you’ve already used one to outfit your Windows PC with all the basics: Ninite. The site couldn’t be any simpler. You pick the programs you want, it creates one installation file for everything, and double-clicking on it…

How To Get Apple’s ‘Quick Look’ Feature In Windows 10

Windows: Even if you’re the world’s biggest Microsoft fan, you have to admit that Apple’s “Quick Look” feature for macOS is pretty convenient. If you’re such a purist that you haven’t even touched a Mac in the last decade or so, here’s a brief introduction: You click on a file….

Find Out What’s Taking Up Space On Your Windows Computer With Wiztree

Windows: Most computer geeks know about WinDirStat, an incredibly useful utility that shows which folders and files are taking up so much room on your drive. It’s a must-have app, because you’ll be surprised – heck, I’ve been surprised – how many times you might find some random, triple-buried folder…