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Mac: Mission Control's window organisation makes it a little easier to use than previous versions of Exposé, but seeing individual windows can be hard. Here's a shortcut that can spread an app's windows out so you can focus on one of them.


Lion's resume feature can be pretty handy, but other times it opens a bunch of old windows when you least expect it. If you're tired of apps opening up all the windows you had open last time, you can stop the app from remembering those windows next time with Command+Option+Q.


Windows: reSizer is a tiny utility that moves, resizes, repositions and tweaks the appearance of open applications and windows with keyboard commands and hotkeys. As long as the app is running, you don't need to take your hands off the keyboard just to reposition one window next to another or change the transparency of the window on top.


Mac OS X: Multitasking on a Mac always has everyone scrambling to find the best methods for divvying up the screen space they've been dealt, and it's not always the easiest thing to do. Moom is a small app that tries to make things easier by displaying custom window-placement options for apps any time the user triggers it.


Mac OS X doesn't offer the ability to automatically maximise a window to fill the screen, which can be very frustrating if you prefer to work without distractions (and doubly so if you're on a notebook with a relatively small screen and have come from a Windows background). Free utility RightZoom solves that problem, changing the green window control from "expand to appropriate size" to maximising to the full width and height of the screen (less the Dock).


In Exposé on the Mac, there's a neat feature that lets you show only windows from a certain program by clicking its icon in the dock. Keyboard junkies, however, can also get this fix by command+tabbing to the app while in Exposé.


Windows: Dual monitors are great for productivity. You can reference something on one monitor while working on the other, but if you find that the work on your secondary monitor requires more attention, free app SwapWin can swap your active windows instantly.