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Bats are woefully understudied. Perhaps it is because they are not cute, or because they're nocturnal and we don't see them very often, or, as "citizen scientist" Danielle Gustafson says in a Bloomberg report on a new bat app, because they just don't have good PR in pop culture.


Feeding wild birds in your backyard can be an exciting yet soothing experience - especially if you have small kids in tow. However, have you ever wondered if what you're doing is legal? Here are the rules (and warnings) you need to know about.


In the back of your mind, you probably realise that nature documentaries aren't literally nonfiction depictions of actual things that happened in nature. As it turns out, many of the techniques and tricks used in Hollywood movies are also applied to nature documentaries -- even when the footage is real.


Seeing wildlife up close is one of the most thrilling parts of exploring the outdoors, and you may be tempted to feed the animals to tempt them to come closer. Here's why you should never feed them, no matter how much you want to.