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Westworld returns to Australian screens today, April 23. As the Australian Government continues to come down on piracy sites, you might be looking for a cheap, legal way to watch. Just like we did with Game of Thrones, we've worked out the most cost-effective option: You can get the series for free, if you're willing to wait - or, you can split the difference with a mate and watch live for a cool $20.

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Usually we title these kinds of guides "everything you need to know about XYZ show." But HBO's Westworld isn't easily summed up or explained. A huge part of its appeal is that it's so enigmatic, dropping clues and teasing out mysteries as its story builds. To fully appreciate season two, it'd be best to watch season one first - preferably twice - but if time is an issue (or if you just need a season one refresher), here's a crash course.


The last time Westworld aired, America had a different president. The show finally returns for Season 2 this Sunday, and so the Westworld podcast industrial complex shudders back into motion. During season 1, HuffPost counted 28 goddamn Westworld podcasts, and many more have started since then. We'll be screwed when these shows gain sentience. Here are the best.


With no Game of Thrones gracing our screens this year, Westworld gets a red-hot crack at the mantle of "TV show most ready to whip the cultural zeitgeist into a frenzy" this Monday, April 23. It achieved huge success last year with it's twisty-time-hopping treatise on consciousness and AI and this year, a robotic revolution is ready to take place. We're pumped that it's back and we've rounded up the ways you can watch season 2 - same time as the US or on demand!