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Say a webpage isn’t loading right. Maybe it’s collapsed from too much traffic after going viral on Reddit. Maybe it’s blocked in your country thanks to a law like GDPR. Maybe it was recently deleted. Usually Google has a saved copy of that page. And the quickest way to get that saved copy is to type cache: in the address bar.


Google is planning to change the user interface in Chrome. The green padlock we’ve taught users to look for when they’re browsing is set to disappear as the company says we should assume all sites are secure. Instead, we’ll see a "Not Secure" indicator when a site doesn’t use HTTPS.


Unsecured web browsers are a key vector used by malware distributors and threat actors. So, it's unsurprising that browser developers are constantly looking for ways to protect users. If you're a member of Microsoft’s Enterprise business service and are in the Fast Ring test group then you'll get access to Windows Defender Application Guard. This is a sandbox that keeps the browser window isolated from the rest of your computer's resources.