Log Your Workday with QuickLogger 2

Log Your Workday with QuickLogger 2

Windows only: Inspired by our very own workday QuickLogger script, developer Joshua Tallent’s released QuickLogger 2, a full-fledged graphical work journal application. Keep track of what you worked on today in a plain text file or Excel spreadsheet with QuickLogger 2, which supports both pre-set “static” tasks and unique one-time…

One Year Ago on Lifehacker

Don’t trash broken stuff; send it back“Rather than just sending your broken stuff to a landfill, pack it up and ship it back to the manufacturer with a letter asking for a new one. You will be amazed by the results.” Technophilia: 15 ways to get more out of Pandora“I’ve…

Tips for Killer Presentations

If you’ve ever had to give a presentation in front of a crowd, you know it can be challenging and scary. The Quick Sprout weblog offers 10 killer tips on how to communicate effectively in front of an audience, big or small. Some lessons presenters should live by: