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You Don’t Have To Maximise Every Part Of Your Day 

Many of us are fascinated by routine — whether it’s making fun of a celebrity’s, well, ambitious schedule, or curating ours to maximise our time, there’s an entire sub-section of media devoted to detailing how “successful” people organise their days (in fact, those routines partially inspired Lifehacker’s Wake Up Week).

How To Wake Up Kids Who Don’t Want To Wake Up

Sometimes the biggest hurdle in a parent’s morning routine is physically getting your children out of bed.

This Alarm App Makes You Take A (Good) Picture To Turn It Off

iOS, Android: I’m pretty sure Alarmy is evil, but perfect, because a good alarm clock should be two-parts irritating, one-part useful. You don’t want to hate your alarm clock whenever it wakes you up each morning, but a great alarm app shouldn’t be very easy to turn off (tempting you…