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Last week a nerdier segment of the music world was abuzz with the news that an Austrian company Rebeat had taken a $US4.8 million ($6 million) dollar investment to help bring its "HD vinyl" records to market by mid 2019. Huh? HD vinyl? How does one make the last analogue music storage format (that people still care about) high-definition?

It screamed pure marketing buzzwordship to us, but we consulted with some experts and surprise, it seems there's reason to be cautiously optimistic.


Austrian-based startup, Rebeat, has received funding to start manufacturing records. HD vinyl promises higher audio fidelity, louder volume, and longer playing times - all on your regular record player. And we could have it as soon as next year.


If you are an owner of vinyl records, you may have noticed that they tend to attract dust, little hairs, and dudes who love to talk about the finer points of Pet Sounds. I can't do anything to help with that last one, but I've found that dry electrostatic cleaning cloths are really great for getting rid of the first two.


Most people over a certain age have a bunch of vinyl records gathering dust in a wardrobe, trunk or suitcase. (It's how you separate Gen X and Baby Boomers from everyone who came after.)

If your collection is still in mint condition, some of them could be worth a few hundred bucks. And if you happen to be an old school punk or Beatles fan, you could be sitting on over $30,000.