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Depending on your terms, the interest on your car loan can add up quite a bit. Your rate will depend on a few different factors, and whether the car is new or used is one of them. Rapid Finance explains why used cars typically have higher interest rates.


With modern cars becoming more connected, with smarter features, hacking is a real danger. It's rare, but it's already happening. We're not in the "stop your engine" world yet, but it's easy to break into a car with keyless entry and steal everything inside without the owner ever knowing the car was unlocked.


It might not be 'flying cars', but the future of automobiles just got a whole lot more interesting. Tesla has announced that every car it manufacturers -- including the entry-level Model 3 -- will come equipped with full self-driving features. What a time to be alive.


From speedy sports cars to formidable four-wheel drives (4WDs), there are many reasons why vehicle owners are compelled to make modifications to their rides. But it's not a free for all; unlike the US where vehicle modification laws are more lax, Australia is fairly strict and navigating all the rules and regulations in this area can be challenging. Which is why Lifehacker Australia will attempt to demystify the laws surrounding vehicle modifications over the next few weeks. Today, we will look at the legalities around raising or lowering your automobile.


Dear Lifehacker, Is it possible to cheaply own a second car? I'm not so concerned about purchase price and petrol. I'm more worried about CTP, rego and comprehensive insurance options. This is just a car for occasional use by my wife, so $1250 a year minimum (my estimates for NSW) before it even leaves the driveway seems a bit much. Are there options for low-cost low-mileage small vehicles that aren't so expensive?


Dear Lifehacker, I recently copped a 30-day driving suspension for a DUI in Queensland while on a road trip to Western Australia where I'm staying for work. Does my suspension also apply here in WA or can I still drive? My other question is when my suspension is over. Can I just start driving again, or do I need to pay for another licence? (The one I have expires in 2017.)


Dear Lifehacker, I received a fine for driving while my vehicle's rego was suspended, of which I had no idea. I moved houses and the letter was returned to sender (because my old housemate is a tool). This happened a day or two after my address changed. Should I have to pay this fine? I think I'm in the right here as I didn't knowingly break any rules. If I'd known my rego was suspended I wouldn't have been driving.


If you're in the market for a new car, you may have seen the term "ANCAP safety rating" floating around. This is a regulatory system that rates the likelihood of a serious injury occurring in the event of an accident. The following guide explains how ANCAP ratings are determined and why you shouldn't solely rely on them when comparing different car models. We've also thrown in some general road safety tips that every motorist should follow.


Australian quad bike fatalities are on the rise each year -- and the loss of human capital is costing our economy hundreds of millions of dollars, according to new research findings. The report also breaks down the most death-prone age groups; with the elderly topping the list.


Petrol prices have been constantly rising for the past few years and before the world makes the shift to electric vehicles, prices are probably going to rise even further. One way to get the most out of the fuel you use is to check your tyres are at the correct pressure.