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Probiotics have been one of the buzziest health trends of the past decade—though they’ve actually been around forever in various fermented foods—and have quickly become a regular part of many people’s diets and supplement regimens. Though usually associated with gut health, probiotics have also been heavily marketed towards people with vaginas. This makes sense because the two areas are more connected than you probably think (more on that later).


Video: It's totally normal to have vaginal discharge, a sort of whitish fluid, showing up in your underwear (if you are a person who has a vagina). But if you're seeing a lot of it, you may wonder, how much is OK? In this video, gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter demonstrates.


Video: The hymen is a poorly-understood body part, right up there with the spleen and the gallbladder: you've heard of it, but may have no idea what it looks like or how it actually works. This video from CollegeHumor schools you with style.