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The notion of "unlimited" broadband is appealing to many customers, but plans that profess to offer it often come with other strings attached. Optus' revamp of its broadband to offer "unlimited" My Home and My Office bundles has some benefits, but still has a few strings attached.


There was a time when unlimited broadband plans proliferated, but these days your choices if you want a truly unlimited connection are relatively limited. Planhacker rounds up what's still on offer for NBN and ADSL2 customers.


The National Broadband Network (NBN) promises faster data speeds, but if you've been enjoying an "unlimited" plan on ADSL you haven't been awash with options to match that on the NBN. AusBBS has introduced a range of unlimited NBN plans, which are the first we've seen in the local market, but you will pay extra for the privilege.


If you're a heavy internet user, getting shaped at the end of the month can be a major nuisance, and no-one wants to pay a fortune for excess data. The solution is an unlimited broadband plan, but what choices do you have? Planhacker rounds up all the unlimited ADSL2+ deals.


Dodo is one of the handful of companies which offers an unlimited ADSL2+ broadband service, but one of its main issues is that you could only get it bundled with a Dodo home phone service, for which the rates were (and are) fairly uncompetitive. Dodo is now offering the unlimited broadband package on its own with no bundling requirement in selected locations. That makes a cheaper deal, but it's still not necessarily a good choice.


"Unlimited" broadband deals are becoming rarer and rarer in Australia, but a number of providers continue to offer no-limits, no-shaping services. Here's your comprehensive guide to what's on offer in unlimited broadband deals right now -- and which services you should avoid.


"Unlimited" mobile phone caps generally offer free calls to Australian phone numbers, but beyond that the conditions and details vary widely. Planhacker examines the traps associated with the unlimited deals on offer from Australia's major carriers.